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Toys on green energy; no batteries required. Discover, experience and learn.
Green toys are hip, fun, educational, and let you experience the various forms of green energy. Green energy is energy generated from renewable sources. The best-known renewable energy sources are sunlight, wind and hydropower.

  • Water powered LCD alarm clock. On fill of the bottle provides continuous power for around 2 weeks. Calender and temperature display. Color: gray Size: hight 10cm Manual: Dutch, English Not a toy ..
  • Digital shower coach with alarm. This unit has the ability to count either up or down. It is educational for children and adults to learn about saving water and energy. The shower timer is available in three different models; frog, duck and drop. On the back of the unit there is a suction cup that can stick on smooth surfaces. NOTE: The shower..
  • Don’t throw away that aluminum can or old CD, and pick up that empty plastic bottle. You can use them with the eco-friendly educational toy kit, Solar Recycler, that will stretch your child’s imagination while allowing them to take part in the joy of recycling. The Solar Recycler Kit is powered completely by solar light so ..
  • The Racehorse is a self balancing motorcycle which uses unique salt water fuel cell technology. Just add some drops of salt water on the 2 fuelcells and the motor is running. Amazing but true ! Learns children to adopt other ways of energy. 3 driving modes: 1)Straight run  2)Right or left circling  3)S-turns Age: 10+ Box..
  • Turn every milk or juice carton into a highspeed roadster. With powerful wind up rubberband engine. Rubberbands are sustainable and sweatshop free. All materials and parts are up and/or recycled. Rubberbands are 100% designed and produced in Amsterdam and come in a package that fits the mailbox. Available colors are yellow and red. Requirement..
  • Solar Car
    € 19.95
    Construct a solar-electric car and four additional models using an innovative motor module that can be powered by a solar cell or battery.  Build a race car that drives across the floor, a helicopter with spinning rotor blades, a windmill with spinning turbine, a jet plane, and a gyrocopter. Learn how solar cells convert energy from sunl..
  • Fire truck
    € 28.95

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